The Miden, 2010 
20” x 36” x 1.5″


Pearl, 2007
24 x 36 x 18
Oil/canvas, woodcut, plastic casting

Pearl is a butterfly painting with opposing, irregular canvas panels angled from the center, opening outward from the wall. The galactic structure painted with oil on canvas against an eternal dark background chiseled with white gouges as though you were peering into an eternal field of stars. The painting is harnessed with a telescoping arm revealing the back of the canvas which is constructed of a wood grid as though it were the structural skin of a satellite.

GothamGotham - rear viewGotham - detail rear

Gotham 2008
oil, canvas, woodcut, wood, plastic, light bulb.
96″W x 62″H x 48″D

Studying modern and historical architectural elements in New York City, while in residency at the International Studio Curatorial Program, (ISCP), I found myself on location of an elevated section of old New York during a film shooting of Spiderman 3. I was compelled to capture, “Gotham City”, in this continuing series of multi-medium sculpture/painting, concerned with the dimension and sequence of time.

glacierglacier detail

Glacier, 2006
60″ X 50″ X 40″

Oil, canvas, woodcut, plastic, styrofoam, light bulb


View of Dorset View of Dorset, 1992
60 X 72
oil on canvas
Waikiki Waikki, 1991
60 X 72
oil on canvas
Miami Miami, 1990
60 X 76
oil on canvas
Boom-Boom Boom Boom, 1989
38 X 50
oil and graphite on canvas
The Madison The Madison, 1989
36 X 48 X 6
oil on canvas
Dinner at Six Dinner at Six, 1988
40 X 50
oil on canvas
Hare O'Tay Hare O’Tay, 1987
48 X 60
encaustic on canvas
Venetian Red Venetian Red, 1987
48 X 60
encaustic on canvas
Midwest Composition

Midwest Composition, 1986
48 X 60
encaustic on canvas

The Mockery

The Mockery, 1985
66 X 50
oil on canvas

Touch it if you Can

Touch It If You Can, 1984
60 X 50
oil on canvas