A/B, 2008 performed at the Annex Theatre, Seattle, WA. 2010.

     The Time Machine is a collaborative work between Allan Packer + Nuno Cera.
     The collaborative film features a time travelor, 2 sculptures – the Time Machine,
     Thunderbird and a trip painting within the epic wild coastal surroundings of the
     Pacific Ocean. The setting captures the timeless aspect of raw nature in contrast
     with the futuristic craft landing on the beach and revealing a human traveler who
     searches for something further than where she has landed.


           Time Machine, 2008,
           60″ x 60″ x 60″,  Cast brass, urethane, with actress on location, Hobuck Beach, WA


            Time machine with torsion spring painting on location at Hobuck Beach, WA.


       Sketch for roller painting engineering.

            Inside the time machine, location shot, Hobuck beach, WA.


          Thunderbird, 2008,
          144″ x 120″ x 24″  acrylic on canvas, wood structure, rope, pulley, 
          location shot with actress, Shi Shi, WA.


          Thunderbird, location shot, Hobuck Beach, WA.