The Fulcrum of Prescience

      The Fulcrum of Prescience, 2011

      Exhibited: Mad Art, Seattle WA. 2011

      We are matter – on the threshold of transformation.”The Fulcrum of Prescience defines
      the balance point between the side of present and future, the very threshold of one moment
      to the next. Combined the 5 motion paintings create a mechanical clock within an entire
      residential house. Each sculpture has a different movement, representing distinct ways of
      calculating time – cycles, moment and infinity. The black and white paintings reference cultural
      mythology, species, time, gravity and presence that could depict a fictional narrative. Each
      device arcs, spins, rise and falls between one and more spaces. The transformation of movement
      from one place to another puts the object either here or there, now or then – between a
      threshold of wall or floor. Protracting the thought of here now or there then into, presence and
      non-presence, as in life and death, I ask the question -  “What is after we are no longer biological matter?”



The Fulcrum of Prescience, 2011
24″ x 36″ x 3″

cut out drawing on velvet, pen and ink foam carving with acrylic. Scale models for the kinetic installation – the Fulcrum of Prescience







Gravity, 2011
60″ x 72″ x 18″
extends to 60″ x 360″
Acrylic on canvas,
motor, pulleys,
light bulb. 



                                Species, 2011,
                                144″ x 160″  Acrylic on Canvas, motor,
                                mechanical device, light bulb. 










Species, 2011, below 



 Disturbance, 2011, 48″ x 48″ X 20″ Acrylic on panel, motor, mechanical device







                      Disturbance, top view
                      through slot in floor.


        Moment, 2011, 264″ X 240″  acrylic on canvas, wood, frame, motor, black light, light bulb 










Moment, 2011,
in black box room,
ultraviolet light













                                    Moment, 2011 apex,
                                    the mechanics from above 









   Wind, 2011
   48″ X 66″ X 48″
   acrylic on canvas on panel,
   motor, fan, light bulb