The Ozone Room

      The Ozone Room, 2008

     Performed at Mighty Tieton, Tieton WA. 2008 Annex Theatre, Seattle WA. 2011
     Installation in a sealed, climate controlled, apple storage warehouse painted theatre black.
     40′ x 40′ x 40′, acrylic on paper, wood + cable structures, cast plastic, cast brass,
     500,000 volt tesla coil.
     audio: NASA files from IMAGE satellite. 

     The magnetic polarity of the earth is at its peak as it arcs between the north and south poles.
     In February 2000, NASA launched its Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration
     (IMAGE) satellite to observe and map these electro-magnetic fields of the earth’s poles from
     deep space. The results showed magnetic fields in a display resembling those experiments we
     did in elementary school with magnets and iron fillings.  It is this electro-magnetic field pulsating
     around the globe that is responsible for the aurora borealis.

     The house of ice, or igloo, has long been associated with the Inuit people, and it too is indigenous
     to the arctic regions surrounding the north pole. In fact, the architectural form of the igloo echoes
     the global space that the Inuit have inhabited for centuries.

     Perhaps the most dramatic manifestation of magnetic global arcing was developed by Nikola Tesla,
     whose famous coil recreates some sense of the natural forces at play in the charged land of the Inuit.
     This installation combines architectural form, electromagnetic energy, and the questioning figure of
     the Inuit’s Raven to suggest real and mythical urgency in the building and/or destruction of our
     cultural worlds. 

 Full set with 1st dancer entry. 



Transition scene with tesla coil.








The Ozone Room, 200818″ x 24″,
etching, aquatint, soft ground
edition of 25.  Infinity Gravure Seattle WA.






Suspending the cut
out paper rocks.   











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