The Fulcrum of Prescience, 2011, single chanel video with stereo sound. 
The Fulcrum of Prescience consists of 5 mechanized paintings traveling between floors and walls of a residential home. The sculptures represent thresholds between the metaphysical world and the one in which we recognize by it’s visual representation. Combined the 5 sculptures create a mechanical clock each with different movements representing distinct ways of calculating time – cycles, moment and infinity.

A/B, 2008, two channel video with stereo sound 
Time Machine, 2008, 60″ x 60″ x 60″,  Cast brass, urethane, with actress on location, Hobuck Beach, WA  
Thunderbird, 2008, 144″ x 120″ x 24″  acrylic on canvas, wood structure, rope, pulley, location shot with actress, Shi Shi, WA.

Gate, 2011, Single channel video with stereo sound. 
100″ x 82″ x 66″ Acrylic on vinyl, polychromed wood, silver leaf, bone, shells, rubber, motor, mechanical device, with rollers  Exhibited: “Gate” Front Room Gallery, New York, NY.  2011